Monday, August 19, 2013

Rushing correlated with Obesity?

This morning, I went to the UNC football coach's kickoff breakfast with my coworker.  She has an awesome company that does college heels (go to The Fan Feet website if you want to see if they make your school!) so she always has the opportunity to go to cool events for UNC athletics, and she invited me along.

I got to the breakfast and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat much.  It was buffet style.  I picked up a small bowl of oatmeal and topped it with a little brown sugar and walnuts and I got a piece of veggie quiche.  I started with the Oatmeal and it didn't cause any discomfort, but I'd only gotten maybe 3 spoonfulls so I was still hungry after finishing.  I decided to try the quiche, very slowly.  During the time I was trying to eat, I practiced putting my fork down in order to make sure I didn't eat too fast.  I was approached 5 times by servers asking to take my plate.  I definitely wasn't done!  But I guess putting my fork down was the new signal to tell the waiter I'm done.  I finally gave up on the 5th time and just let them take my plate away because they were bugging me!

But seriously, does EVERYONE keep their fork in their hands all the time these days?  Is it really that common to be finished with your meal in ten minutes?  I am serious, the server tried to take my plate the first time after TEN FREAKING MINUTES!  Granted, the other people at my table had all scarfed their breakfasts down at this point, but I clearly had barely touched my plate.  It just made me think that maybe this common trend is part of what's leading to obesity in America.  Maybe it is just common to eat everything on your plate as quickly as possible.  I think I was probably that way prior to surgery, but it's been almost a year and I don't remember that so well.  I do remember other bad habits, like drinking 6 glasses of water with my meal, but I'm sure I was a member of "eat as fast as possible until your plate is clean" club too.

Fan Feet heels!
I have both of the pairs of shoes on the left, but I'm desperate to have that little bootie in the middle!

With soon-to-be Hall of Fame coach, Sylvia Hatchell!


  1. very cute shoes--I don't rock heels, but the booties are adorable!

    I've noticed that, too, about people scarfing. And I still do that sometimes, too--but less now that I am rocking some restriction. I was at Fridays one night with the ELB and I was taking my time, chewing and waiting between bites--and they came and asked if i wanted a box! It had been 10 minutes since they had brought the food. I was like, seriously?

    thanks for your positive comment about the job situation. I appreciate it and the part i'm dreading the most is trying to find something professional that FITS for interviews. everything is either huge or tight. I hate being inbetween! I have to do an orientation today and i have like ONE outfit that still fits well enought to look nice enough to go to corporate--although it's bagging out on me now..guess its time to do some shopping :( i'm such an anti-girl.

  2. My two friends that I often have lunch with inhale their food. They both admit it freely and thought I was a super slow eater before the band even came along. And they are both super tiny! So go figure.

  3. Every time a server comes near my table I pick up my fork and hope they don't try to take my plate. It makes me so nervous! I also have to anticipate the "Was there something wrong with your [insert menu item here], because you barely ate any of it."