Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post-Thanksgiving Weigh-In + Wonderful Day

Wednesday's Weight: 247.2
Today's Weight: 247.0

How the hell did I NOT gain?!  
On Thanksgiving, I did great during the meal.  But it's the leftovers that killed me!
I may have had 2 pieces of Red Velvet Cheesecake for dinner at 8pm Thursday night.

Oops.  Slap my wrist now.  Bad Bander.

Oh well, it's a new day. And what a wonderful day it was.

I woke up early this morning, too early.  I was excited that I'd be seeing Mr. Banker today, so I couldn't sleep in like I would have liked to. Mr. Banker had to work this morning, but came over right after work.  While home for Thanksgiving, I had my dad cut down some mistletoe for me and I carefully placed it above my front door.  Mr. Banker and I walked through the door together several times today, so I got plenty of extra smooches.

I had made lunch, you know what they say...the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  I made my grandmother's chicken pie, green beans, and home made mashed potatoes.  I wasn't certain my band would tolerate the buttermilk biscuit type crust on top of the pie, but it did and I am quite happy about that.  Yes, I do know I SHOULDN'T eat it, but all in moderation and it will be okay.

After our lunch, we went down the street to a Christmas tree farm (which was in someone's front yard?!?! how strange!!) to pick the tree for my upstairs.  As we began decorating it, Mr. Banker turned on Christmas music and I swear I could not stop smiling.  He kept asking why I had such a silly grin, and I said I just love Christmas that much.  But the truth is, in 5 years of putting up a Christmas tree, no guy I've ever dated has helped me decorate it.  It was so nice having the help, and the fact that he was ENJOYING helping made it that much better.  He even skipped watching football to many guys do you know that would do that?!

 Here's our finished product :)

We finished decorating and watched a little more football before he went home.  AND since tomorrow is December 1, I finally got to reveal his birthday surprise.

Some of you already know my secret, but for those of you who don't:  Since Mr. Banker's birthday is Christmas, and this is a particularly big birthday (30), I decided to do a small gift every day from December 1-24.  On December 25, there will be a bigger gift.  Mr. Banker loved my idea, and I think for a moment, I saw what he would've been like as a seven year old boy because he really was excited.  I sent him home with Days 1-7, and I hope he will play by the rules and not go crazy opening them all at once.  I thought for sure he'd just open them all, but he called after he left my house to thank me again for the gifts, and said he will do it as I asked because he can tell it means a lot to me.  And he's right...I put a lot of thought and effort into this, so that he would have something special every day.

Today was perfect.
I honestly feel more like myself when I am around him than I have ever felt before with a man.

 Since I've promised Mr. Banker that I wont put his photo on my blog, this is the only other picture from yesterday that I can share.
Wrangler is so patient with me...letting me dress him up on game days.


  1. I know I got the play by play already but you are so freaking happy and positive now and it's awesome. I'm so happy that you are !

  2. You look lovely, Hollee. I wonder how you would look after losing some more pounds. I'm looking forward to reading your more articles.

    Keep sharing!

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak

  3. beautiful pic. So glad you had a happy weekend!