Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ghrelin vs. Hunger

 I had a really good appointment with my WLS PA this morning.  I know I just saw her 2 weeks ago, but I am going crazy with hunger and haven't lost a pound.  In fact, this morning I weighed 255.2 on the official scale.  WRONG DIRECTION HOLLEE!!!

My PA- Erica- sat me down and explained that after extreme weight loss, the body can start to produce an excess amount of Ghrelin.

I suspect many of you know what Ghrelin is... I was introduced to the word in my pre-op nutrition class, but in case you dont:  Ghrelin is a hunger hormone.  Your body produces it to tell you that you're hungry.

So I've lost all this weight, and basically my body is freaking the fuck out.  My fat cells are like "Oh my gosh, where did that 90+ pounds go?!  We need it back!" The good news is that Erica says this typically doesn't last more than 3-6 months.  Erica tightened my band again- I now have 7.8CC so please cross your fingers this is going to be the adjustment I need!  This was a pretty huge fill.  Erica mentioned that my band has definitely loosened up since I saw her two weeks ago, so even if I'm not seeing the number decrease on the scale, I have obviously lost fat around the band to cause it to get looser.

I love Erica.  She is so good to me.  She again told me that I am doing an amazing job at this, and that because I'm a good band patient, she will continue to see me every two weeks to get me through this difficult time.  She said that if I was not following the lap band rules and trying to come in so often, she would not allow me to continue having appointments frequently, but she knows I'm doing my best.  She really reassured me that I am going to get past this rough spot.

One more doctor appointment this afternoon with my PCP to hopefully get anti-depressants.

I swear I go to the doctor more than any 25 year old ever should!

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  1. Fingers crossed that this fill is magical for you!!