Sunday, November 17, 2013

NSV Skinny Jeans

Hi Guys!

It's been a while since I've had an NSV post.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought these size 14 skinny jeans at Lane Bryant.  Yes, I do still shop there from time to time.  Now, the NSV part of this is that at 344, I never wore skinny jeans, because they just never fit right.  So here's to my first pair of skinny jeans, to go with my brand new UNC booties :)

What's even better is that this $59.99 pair of jeans rang up for $6.49.  Why?  The salesgirl could not figure it out.  I was going to buy as many more pairs as I could find in size 14, but the other 14's did not ring up at that price, so I just got this pair.

My weight loss is going better.  Once I hit that "lowest weight since surgery" number I will start my weekly weigh-ins again.  I'm getting close.


  1. Great NSV! 6.49 for jeans - awesome!

  2. Love this! Awesome! I love me some skinny jeans these days!

  3. Awesome and girl you are rocking the jeans/heels combo!

  4. wow thats an awesome NSV congrats, you looks so good :)