Monday, July 8, 2013


Good morning!

I really don't have time to blog... I have 3 big deadlines before Wednesday all on projects I haven't really started, but I needed to clear my mind, and blogging does that.

I did a lot of reflecting this weekend.  I can't believe it has been one year since I first decided I'd be getting banded--one of the most important decisions of my life thus far.

July 4, 2012, I laid on a beach in Miami and decided my life HAD TO CHANGE.  
And I'm so thankful every day for that decision, and for my lap band.

July 4 cookout with one of my best friends :)
I took this yesterday, because a year ago, I never wore my hair up by choice.  I always kept my hair down, because I wanted to hide my fat face.

I know that I am still a big/plus size girl, but I haven't felt so confident in at least 10 years.  I don't think losing 90 pounds looks as different as I might have imagined it would, but it sure does feel different.  

Want a reminder of what I looked like with an extra 90 pounds of fat?

Summer 2012 with my Sis and Nephew in California

I just feel really positive about my decisions and all the changes I've made since last summer.  It feels so good when people tell me that I motive/inspire them.  Some 'healthy weight' people have told me recently that I inspire them to work out harder because they've seen me busting my ass.  That feels better than I can possibly put into words.

I have been struggling with some tough things about work and dating, so I just really wanted to focus on something positive today!

Happy Monday Everyone :)


  1. So glad you're feeling well! Keep up the good work!!

  2. you are doing wonderful! and that pic with your hair pulled up is beautiful!

  3. You look amazing!

    I have the same dress (the floral one) - you have great taste! lol ;)

  4. I would like to point out that you have done something that 95% of people will never have the courage to do in their lives.. 90 lbs is an incredible feat. You should be so, so proud of yourself. You look fantastic :)