Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fill/Weight Records

I snapped this picture at the WLS office this morning:

There's 12 fills (and an unfill) listed.  Along with my weights.
If you calculate my fills in the net column, it appears I have 8.4 CC's in a 10 CC band.  I'm not sure if that's accurate... I always wonder if SOME saline does disappear somewhere in the body?  Would be interesting to find out.

Anyway, as always Dr Yoo was happy with my progress.  I just noticed today's date is wrong on the is 7/11, not 6/11.  He said there wasn't much fat on my port anymore and mentioned maybe needing a lower profile port in the future.  I reminded him that we went for a low profile port the first go around, and he confirmed it once he looked under fluoro.  Dr Yoo said that before Allergan sold the LB System, they were working on an even lower profile port, which may be an option in the future.  I'm not sure I'd want to pay more money to get a smaller port though.  We will see.  It was kind of amusing to hear him say he was worried about my port being too pronounced soon, when 8 months ago he said my stomach had too much fat for him to access the port without fluoroscopy.  He had to ruin that happy moment by also mentioning my loose skin.  Le sigh.

In other news, I went to get measured for new bras yesterday.
Prior to surgery I was a 44DD
Now..... 38F!!!

Yes F.
As in WTF.

Happy Thursday...It's almost the weekend!


  1. Yay for new bras! I was a 42 G (What even is that? I'd usually buy 44 DDD). Now I think I'm about a 38 D or DD, depending on the style. Way more options!

    Do they remove your fluid and then put it back every time? The chart looks like they removed 4.8 and then inserted 5.2 for a .4 fill. Just what it looks like to me. My surgeon's office doesn't remove the fluid to check the amount because they claim they couldn't put it all back in, since they never add that much fluid at once. But some people's clinics take it out to measure every time. Weird.

    1. Yikes, if I calculate from the total Ericka added on 31January, it looks like I have 9.5 in there.... I'm close to 10 :(

  2. I don't know the reasoning, but they take SOME out each time, but not all of it. My PA would usually do a complete unfill (see the dates in January, that's what she did) but my surgeon just takes some amount out and then puts some back, and subtracts the difference for the net amount.

  3. You are rocking it my friend! :) well done

  4. Good job Hollee!! I can relate to the bra thing. I went from a C to a D? WTF is right!

  5. He does have a way of bringing up flaws in a matter of fact kind of way. :/