Monday, July 1, 2013

A new venture--- Burn Bootcamp

Good morning everyone!


Friday, a coworker invited me to join a 2 week free membership with her to Burn Bootcamp.  Her friend just opened a new women's only fitness center called Burn Bootcamp (it's a chain) and it really kicked my ass this morning!

I never thought anything would make running seem easy!

So here's the rotation we did, 60 seconds for each exercise, repeating reps as fast as possible:

1. Hot Potatoes:  squats while throwing a 5 pound weight from one hand to the other
2. Elevated hip bench presses: shoulders were on a padded block, feet on the floor, hips and back parallel to the floor, while 'pressing' two 15 pound weights.
3. Double ropes: making these heavy ass ropes sway like a snake
4. Single rope: "rowing" with the rope (body facing the rope)
5. Quick jump kicks: tapping a half ball with each food as fast as possible
6. Modified half squats and tricep extensions
7. Pushups on the exercise ball
8. Knees balancing on the half ball while lifting 5 pound weights

Sorry I'm not all technical here.
I felt good finishing one round of the 8 set rotation.  Until I realized we were doing it 3 times non stop. 

After finishing the 3 rounds, we did some ab exercises for 5 minutes.

Wow, my body is already sore today, I'm going to be HURTING tomorrow morning.  And then I'll wake up and do it all again.

By the way, did I mention I had to wake up at 5:15am to get this in before work?  YUCK!

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