Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Naughty Knickers do you know you have lost enough weight that you NEED to buy new panties?

When you're walking around Walmart in a dress and are terrified the next step is going to be the one that ends in your knickers around your ankles....

and then it does.

Wow...I hope no one had their camera out waiting for a People of Walmart moment, because if they were, I gave them one.  Standing there in the produce isle, suddenly my undies are around my ankles and I didn't know what to do.  I quickly stepped out of them, bent down, picked them up, and left (groceries in the cart left right where I was too). 

So embarrassed!

I thought that would give you all a laugh for the day, hope you crack a smile at my expense.

Moral of the story:  Don't wait too long to buy new panties once you know they're too big!


  1. so, i think that it was better to have happened at walmart instead of your standing desk at work, right? how is that going, btw? I'm curious if you are still loving it. I died when I read that. But congrats on that NSV? :)

    Also, how did your flourless pizza crust do as leftovers? did it get soggy and gross or did it store/reheat well? i plan on making tomorrow.

    1. Hey Luka Beth! This actually did happen to me at work right after surgery but I'm certain no one saw! I do love the standing desk, but I haven't been standing much lately. Bootcamp did more than bust my ass, it may have busted my knee. It still isn't right.

      The no-dough pizza was good as leftovers, but I let it cool completely (4 hours or more) before putting it in any container, because I'd heard it gets soggy.

  2. This is a great Public Service Announcement... that gave me a giggle. Oh my. Go get some awesome new undies STAT!

  3. LOL LOL! I had a moment like that last wek - poor choice of undis with dress at the office... I had to keep hold of those bad boys all day!!

  4. OH Girl! that did make me giggle :) thanks for sharing !

  5. sorry and embarrassed for you, but i did get a laugh out of it. i'm sure no one else even noticed. congrats on the weight loss and go get yourself some new undies ASAP!

  6. Good call on walking out of them!

  7. You have truly inspired me to get rid of all my undies that were starting to slide down a bit!

  8. Oh My Goodness! I just laughed so hard my side hurt! I have always bought new panties as I have gone along... Plus I love new undies!