Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tired of hearing about revision yet?

Almost at the finish line.

I've done everything for the insurance approval.  The last thing left that my doctor wants to do is my EGD on May 5.  It isn't a requirement but if they find anything wrong (dialated esophagus, erosion, slip) then it would definitely help to get insurance approval to say my band is "malfunctioning".  He will not be saying my band is 'leaking' because he doesn't believe it to be the case.  My PA and I both know that saline is going SOMEWHERE though.

My psychology evaluation Monday was interesting.  I was really annoyed I had to do it.  I had 2 computer tests and then 3 paper evaluations.  All of those in addition to the LONG questionnaire I filled out prior to my visit.  I hate those computer tests because the statements are true/false statements that are very black and white and I live in a world of grey.

For example, one statment that kept coming up was something like:

"Most people will cheat to get ahead."
My first inclination is 'true', but then I think well... a lot of people, not most.  And that is all dependent on the risk of getting caught too. 

"Most people will cheat on their spouse in the right circumstances."
Again, first inclination is 'true' unfortunately.  But then I think "well, about 50% of people... so I don't know if that's MOST".  But you're supposed to go with your first thought.

There was also a vocabulary test and a test where I had to complete some abstract patterns.

The tests showed I'm 'normal', whatever that means.  Even though I have a psychology degree, I don't put much stock in tests like that.

So then comes the in-person evaluation.  That was the part I was least looking forward to.  But it surprised me.  It provided some insight into who I am and why I am the way I am.  Most of which I'm not comfortable sharing here.

One thing we uncovered is that I find it difficult to ask for help when I need it.  She asked me if that is what was expected of me as a child, and I don't really think so.  She asked if I knew where that comes from in my life, and I really don't.  Something to think about I guess.  Maybe I'm just too prideful. 

I do think I will be making an appointment to see her again soon, even though it is not a revision requirement.  She was just really good at understanding me and helping me to work through some things I have never in my life said to anyone.


  1. I'm excited for you Hollee. I'm also glad your in person therapy evaluation proved to give you more than you bargained for. I also hate those test things...I don't see how they show any true evaluation of a person's beliefs...but then I live in a world of grey too. :)

  2. Fingers crossed that everything works out!

  3. Complaining about the constant pain from my band was enough for approval, they had a year of me b&$tchng