Monday, April 28, 2014


Man oh Man I'm tired.

Remember a few weeks ago when I had my blood tests done?
Everything came back just awesome and perfect with the exception of ONE THING.....

My Iron. 

My level was 8... The normal range was 28-56.  Yeah.  WAY LOW.

And I've known that for over a week and have yet to get any Fe tabs.  I need to do that.  Because I'm just pure exhaustion lately.

I had a fantastic weekend of shoe modeling and shopping at what I basically consider a high class flea market-- the Southern Women's Show.


  1. You better go get those iron pills girl or i will have to go up there to whoop you. I need those shoes though i bleed purple and gold. LSU Tigers baby! Feel better soon sweet girl.

    1. I got my Iron last night... I was avoiding it because for some reason I thought it was going to make me feel bad, but surprisingly I feel just fine after taking it! Very happy about that :)

  2. It made me nauseous when I took it but I learned through my first pregnancy that I don't do well with taking any supplements in the morning. Now I take everything at night and all good. So happy that you are doing good.

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