Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Revision... The next steps

So what's next?

Tomorrow I am having an EKG done for 'pre-surgery requirements'.

I have submitted the paperwork to the nutritionist/psychologist to set up the appointment but I don't know when that will be. 

I'm having an EGD (scope down my throat to explore what's going on in there) on May 5.  Yep, minor "surgery" the day after my birthday.  I only consider it surgery because they knock you out for it.  If they find anything 'wrong' during this, that's basic automatic approval so I guess we're "hoping" for erosion or band slip or esophagus dialation.  Who hopes for those things?  Sigh.

After those 3 things, I guess we will try our hand at a submission to the insurance company.


  1. Get it done son! Rooting for ya!

  2. Fingers crossed, Hollee! I hope this all goes smoothly and you can get approval fast. :)