Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hump Day

Yesterday I was in a piss poor mood.

Went to bed early so I could wake up for the 5am Bootcamp class.  But instead of getting extra sleep, I had nightmares.

I first dreamed about being left at the altar.
Then about being tortured and raped.  I woke from this dream only to fall back asleep and resume the dream.  I woke in such a sweat that my bed was soaking wet.
Then I dreamed it was football season again.  Yes, that's a nightmare too, just not as bad.

So I drug my ass out of bed and reluctantly went to Bootcamp.

And all is well with the world.

Exercise makes me better.

Sigh, but now I'm at work, doing some mindless boring task I don't want to do.

Will I look like an asshole if I request to use my last personal day tomorrow since Monday is my last day?  Probably, but I don't care.  Fingers crossed my manager approves it.


  1. it's your time to use, why not use it? better tomorrow than to use it Monday! Good luck on getting it approved.

    As for the weird dreams, I've been having some of those lately myself. Have you ever looked up dream interpretation online to see what it could be an indication of underlying issues? Mine are so weird even the internet can't explain them!

    1. It got approved!!! Yippeeeeeeeee

      I tend to take my dreams for face value. The first two are real fears, the last is just something I hate. I am great at dream interpretation (of my own), so if you ever wanna run one by me.... I'm just a text away lol.

  2. What! You will interpret my dreams? Fo- free? I'm all over this. I have been having crazy ass dreams too!

    And YAHOOO on the personal day!

  3. Glad you got that personal day. Bad dreams suck!

  4. Enjoy the day off! Hope you have better dreams tonight- and so impressed at you throwing that energy into boot camp again and again!