Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bottomless Pit

oh. my. goodness.

I can't stop myself from eating!

I need this stupid snow to go away!  I'm ready for spring!!!

Wanna hear what I had for dinner last night?

2 servings of pringles
2 chobani flips
1 regular fat free chobani
2 servings of gluten free rice crackers (white cheddar)
a small banana

It was snack central at my house last night.


I'm a food addict :(
Normally I'd refer to myself as a recovering food addict.

But it seems I've fallen off the wagon.







  1. Girl, I would think that yogurt doesn't count as a 'bad' food. In fact, compared tos ome things you COULD have eaten, you have done amazingly well with curbing your snacking. I hardly ever eat yogurt, unless I'm using it as a sour cream garnish. I got stuck on it once and pb'd it and now i'm afraid to eat it again. Weird right?
    Only one more week till your awesome new job! How long do you have to be there before you can schedule your revision surgery?

    1. Well, yogurt is like crack to me. Almost as bad as ice cream!!

      I will be insurance eligible on April 11, so I will push them to get insurance approval ASAP so I can hopefully have surgery the week of Easter and be healed up in time for my birthday. I am alllllllllll about my birthday so surgery will need to revolve around birthday plans lol.