Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello from Germany

I can't sleep.

My flight was great. The in flight meal was a perfect WLS size haha. I heard several other passengers request seconds. I had chicken, mashed sweet potato, green beans, and a salad. I bought a half bottle of chardonnay but it knocked me out before I could finish it. Perhaps unfortunately, I have not experienced this mystery band tightening I've heard so much about due to flying! I'm actually starrrrrrrving as I write this blog!

I landed in London just before 6am, took a train, saw the London eye, London bridge, and then checked into a hotel for just a few hours so I could leave my luggage during breakfast, then shower and nap. For breakfast I had porridge--how British haha.

In the afternoon, I caught the train to Aachen, Germany, where I met my foreign exchange sister, Steffi, at the station and met her soon-to-be husband, Chris, for the first time. I really like him and they seem perfect together. We went for Chinese for dinner and the portion of food was monstrous. Chris finished his plate and half of Steffi's. It looked like I had not even touched my food. When I asked for a box the server thought I didn't like it because I ate so little. I did kind of explain why to Steffi, without going into detail. I wonder if there is even a German word for bariatric surgery? I just said that I had surgery in September that changed my appetite. She said she could tell I've lost a lot of weight.

After dinner we came to their apartment and had a very tame evening. I had my first piece of German chocolate for the trip....mmmmmmmm... if I gain weight this week, I blame the amazing chocolate! Before final wedding preparations we are going to the Lindt factory.

Guess I should try to sleep now..... Tschuss!!

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