Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I always pay attention to bruising, because at some point in my life, I was told it could be a sign of medical problems (like cancer).

2 weeks ago, I noticed 2 or 3 small bruises that then turned into 5 (on my arms and legs).  I didn't mention it to anyone, although I was unsure of where they came from.  Then Sunday my hip began to hurt.  At first it looked like a small bruise, but by today it has grown into a much more significant one.  I wish I could post a picture for you all, but I tried to take one and they all look inappropriate.  The bruise starts from the top of my hip and wraps around to my lower bottom.

So I googled weight loss and bruising, and came up with this article from  If you don't want to read it, basically it says that weight loss that results in malnourishment can be linked to bruising.  Unsure if this is something I should be concerned about or discuss with my doctor?  Maybe it's normal and just not something I've read about? 

Feedback please?!


  1. Are you anemic? If you are and then you are low on certain nutrients then that could make it worse.

    I am also super conscious of bruising because I have a bleeding disorder.

    I think it might be worth getting some blood work done just to make sure you are ok.....

  2. that wouldn't be normal for me. Get it checked!

  3. I think I bruise more easily since surgery. But I have explanations for most of my bruising, like being clutzy. If you have a large, unexplained bruise, I'd get your blood checked. If it turns out you are anemic, Floradix Iron and Herbs is a liquid supplement that's awesome.

    1. I am really clutzy, so it's possible I've injured myself and just don't remember because I fall/bump into things quite frequently. I'll definitely check with my doctor when I see him next though. Thanks for all of your input!

  4. Hmm that is funny, I get small bruises as well and never thought to look it up. We did my annual blood tests 2 weeks ago and it came back that I wasn't getting enough nutrients.

  5. Glad you mentioned this...I'm still 1 week pre-band but I have bruises all over my body constantly. I'm just really clumsy and run into things a lot...but I wonder if I'll bruise even more easily after surgery...hmmm. Definitely let us know if you get it checked out! Worth it for your peace of mind, I think :)