Monday, March 11, 2013

'Take with Food'

Aside from STILL being sick, I had a really great weekend.  It consisted of sleeping, eating, and friends.

I went to the doctor last Tuesday and my strep test was negative, so she sent me home with nothing more than some numbing prescription mouthwash.  By Friday, I was feeling so miserable, I couldn't go to work.  A call to the doctor resulting in her calling in a Zpack and some prescription narcotic cough syrup.

I don't ever remember eating on Friday.  I slept most of the day instead of going to work, and in the evening my best friend stopped by unexpectedly.  She lives about 2 hours away so I woke myself up long enough to see her and went back to bed after she left.

Saturday several friends from my hometown came to visit to watch the UNC-dook basketball game (we're not going to talk about how horribly that went).  Even though I was still feeling bad, I put on my makeup and pretended to be okay for a few hours to spend time with my friends.  I had 3 chicken tenders on Friday (1 for lunch, 2 for dinner) and a bottle of wine.

I slept most of the  day on Sunday again, but I woke up for a little while to go into work for a couple of hours and have lunch with yet another out-of-town friend stopping through.  We went to our favorite Sushi place, and I ordered my usual, but was unable to eat it.  With sushi, it's always hit or miss.  I'm never sure if my band will allow me to eat it or not.  My friend happily ate my sushi along with hers.  Pre-surgery, we used to go and each get 4 ROLLS.  Yes, 8 rolls total between 2 people...and finish every last piece!  Clearly that isn't possible anymore.

Between Friday morning and Sunday morning I slept about 45 hours.  I needed to not only because I was sick, but also because medicine is not my friend these days.  I cannot take medicine with food anymore, it doesn't work with this band.  Within 30 minutes of taking the Zpack, I feel that it is nap time again accompanied with some stomach cramping and nausea. To help me with this, I've started taking it at night instead of in the morning.  Nothing worse than being sick AND starting your day off feeling yucky from medicine.


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon...that sounds ROUGH. That's the worst, when you're already feeling terrible and then nausea joins the party.

  2. So Sorry you have not been feeling well! I hope it will be behind you soon.