Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello from London

Since I blogged from Aachen and Paris, it seemed fitting that I say a quick hello from London as well.

Today I'm seriously paying for the Eiffel tower climb yesterday. I woke up feeling a bit flu-like because my muscles are so sore. I took the train early this morning back to London, dropped my things at the hotel, and bought an oyster card for the tube. I took the tube to London bridge and then walked to the London eye from there. If I'd known it was almost a 3 mile walk I may have made another choice considering the miserable cold and my sore muscles, but I made it.

This band is quite fickle...yesterday I finished my 3 egg omlet and today I Pb'ed after 2 bites of chicken selects from the McDonalds across from my hotel. I'm quite hungry but too exhausted to care at this point.

Can't wait to be home with my own food, my bed, my scale, and Robocop....yes I know I hadn't mentioned but he is still around.

I plan to leave extra early for the airport in the morning because I've heard some Lap Band London horror stories about strip searches due to the London full body scanners detecting the band....cross your fingers for me!!!!


  1. I've got a big case of the green eyed monster! Have FUN!!!

  2. What a neat experience you've had!! Safe travels, girlie!!

  3. Your vacation looks very pretty, exciting and EXHAUSTING. :) Hope you're having a good time!!!