Sunday, March 31, 2013

The end of Robocop, Part II

Being young and dating can really suck. If only I could have a crystal ball to see who I shouldn't waste my time on.

The first time Robocop and I broke up should've been the only time. It should've stuck. We were only broken up for 5 days the first time, but he broke up with me a second time only 3 weeks later (that break up lasted 4 days). He never treated me right after that first time though. I felt like he didn't respect me or care for me at all. He told me he loved me three times, but all were alcohol induced.

I kept holding on and trying to be patient because that first month was just so good. In that first month, we were head over heels for each other. I felt like I'd made a new best friend. We did everything together and he wanted to see me and take me out all the time. Then everything changed.

I thought after my time in Europe he would realize he had missed me and everything would be better, but it really wasn't. I got home Tuesday and he stopped by to see me only for 3 hours on Wednesday and he took a nap for part of that time. Then we had plans to go out Friday but when I never heard from him, I got tired of it. I tried to call him but he didn't answer. I ended up sending a text to tell him I deserve better than to be blown off, no phone call, no text. I deserve someone who can at least act like he cares for me. Robocop never responded, but has been posting things on Instagram all weekend that he knew would hurt me. I ended up just blocking him. Seriously, he's 33 years old....that is childish.

I always try to feel that people come into my life for a reason but its hard to see his purpose right now. I'm so hurt by his blatant disrespect for my feelings when I have been nothing but loving and kind to him. Better to find out he is an asshole now than later I guess.


  1. I'm so sorry. Nothing can fix matters of the heart. Its okay to take time to be sad. I hope tomorrow is a better and brighter day. :)

  2. Boo for Robocop! You deserve better and good for you that you know it! Email me at can't find your post where you shared your email. Bandster lunch in our future!

  3. Oh man- I know about the dating/single girl life! Sometimes (most of the time) it is such a bumpy road! You did great recognizing what you deserve and what you won't put up with! You just keep on taking care of you, someone will come around that recognizes it!

  4. Sorry about all this :( Sounds like you know you deserve better! So glad you won't put up with that anymore! The right one will come along when the time is right.

  5. Dating is the worse! I feel your pain!

  6. Thanks Everyone! Honestly, the take home lesson for this short relationship is not a good one. I think it is going to take a lot before I can tell another man about my surgery. Robocop was not at all supportive of my decision. The last time I saw him on Wenesday he even said to me that I am not serious about my health. WHAT THE FUCK?!? Yes, I just said that. How dare he tell me I am not serious. His reason was that I don't work out enough. No, I do not enjoy working out. But I do it. Do I do it for several hours a day like he does? Hell no, and I never will. But I try my damnedest to get exercise in at least 4 times a week (In addition to the 2 walks my dog gets every day). So screw him for judging what I'm doing to be a healthier person.