Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What a difference 67 pounds makes

I try very hard to stay positive.  It has been difficult lately.  I feel like I'm struggling to lose anything.  Part of it is my fault, I only did zumba two times in the last 10 days.  But I have hardly eaten!  Honestly my band and I have not gotten along since my last fill, so I would've expected some good news.  I stayed on protein shakes for days, and avoided 'slider foods'.  I'm debating whether or not to keep my fill appointment for Thursday (I say this every time, don't I?).

Anyway, so here's the small light I finally found this morning, after days of frustration:

I was carrying my dog's food upstairs this morning.  It's  a heavy bag.  And when I got to the top of my stairs, I was definitely winded.  I looked to see the weight on the bag, 30 pounds!  THAT'S ALL?  I was out of breath from carrying 30 pounds upstairs, when previously I'd been carrying an extra 67 pounds up those stairs on my body every single day?  Wow.  So I got to thinking about it, and I feel so much better than I used to.  Everything is so much easier.  And it only gives me more hope of how much easier things will be on my body when I'm at goal, 70 pounds from now.

So I've decided to slow down.  Stop rushing. 

I have been really successful up until this point, and I'm still doing the same things, so I have no reason to believe I'm just going to stop losing weight.  Although this has been a serious fear of mine.  Does anyone else worry about the tool not doing it's job anymore?  Honestly, that is part of the reason I kept my surgery so secretive before.  I was afraid of failure.  Now that I've "come out" to people about the lap band, I guess those old fears are re-surfacing.


  1. I would think we're all afraid of failure. I didn't want to set a goal weight, because if I don't have a goal, then I can't fail, right? But I also try to remind myself that even I didn't lose another pound, I'm still healthier than I was when I started this. I'm no longer considered morbidly obese, and I have more energy to be active.
    But luckily, this whole process has a built-in support system. So even if we do stop losing weight, we can go to the clinic, get an adjustment, talk to a nutritionist, go to support group, read blogs, get ideas for how to change up our routine, and kick it back into gear.

  2. I've thought about this. And like you, I don't understand why it would stop. I am commited to this. More commited to this than any other "diet" I have been on. I had to have an unfill today. I still feel tight but not like I did at 3 am today. You will continue to lose weight. I agree slowing down is a good thing. The band makes you slow down in so many things. Enjoy the ride! Don't rush. With time, it will come! Chin up!

  3. Yes I am halfway to my goal, and my biggest fear has happened: I have plateaued. I knew this would happen, but it's still scary. So I got a fill today, and I've re-committed to sticking to the plan and losing the whole amount. WE CAN DO THIS!!