Monday, February 11, 2013

How to make your band tighter/looser

The number one thing that makes my band too tight.... STRESS

Instead of needing an unfill, can someone give me something for anxiety?!  LOL

I think I've figured out that is what's wrong.  It's been 10 days since my last fill and I've eaten 5 meals successfully.  I really do not want to get an unfill, because I can eat...sometimes. 

I normally LOVE my job.  I love the people I work with.  I love what I do.  I love that my job makes a difference in sick people's lives.  But lately, I have not loved some external factors.  And I really think the stress of it is affecting my ability to eat.  I did pretty good eating over the weekend.  But then last night I started feeling somewhat anxious about this week's work and tried to eat dinner.  No solid food dinner.

On the up side... what makes my band loose?  ALCOHOL

3 of the 5 meals that I was able to eat successfully during the last week were after a few drinks.  I don't know the real reason this happens, but my educated guess is that the stomach is a muscle, and maybe alcohol allows it to relax enough that I can eat.

I've read a lot about what makes other people's bands tight/loose.  Any other suggestions on how to make me loosen up so I can eat?

While alcohol works, I can't drink at every meal just so I can eat...haha.  I think there's a word for that...alcoholism.


  1. Wine!!! and hot drinks - like tea or cocoa

  2. Wine is my drink of choice! I'll have to try hot tea tomorrow before lunch.

  3. I am having the same issue and my last fill was a few months ago I think. I have just decided that at this time food is over rated and will just work around the problem until the stress and anxiety go away or well enjoy the spoils of actual restriction for a change. I have decided to eat like I did in my post-op phase. To include protein shakes, soups, runny oatmeal with protein powder in it and sips of water. Later in the evenings I can usually get down some bites of easy solid proteins as well.

    I figure only worry about it when you can not even swallow spit, you have reflux of everything, and/or not even liquids or mushy foods are going down.

    Alternately try Yoga? :-)

  4. I have heard stress tights and alcohol loosens. Scary because you can't drink all the time. I would definatly try warm things. Breathing exercises might help with the stress. Good Luck!