Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday + my band is too tight

No change in my weight since Thursday.

Unfortunately, asking for an aggressive fill might have been a bad idea.  I'm unsure.  Sometimes my band is so fickle. 

Since Thursday, it has been very hard to eat, except for 2 occasions.  On Sunday, for the Superbowl, I definitely overate.  I even ate a cupcake, which completely surprised me because I can almost never eat any type of carb like that.  Then last night, I made tacos and ate 2 tacos.  Aside from those two meals though, I have PB'ed almost at every meal.

For those of you who are pre-surgery or don't know, PB stands for "Productive Burping".  I don't really think this is a good description of what I do, because a lot of times I end up sticking my hand down my throat to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.  I'm at work right now debating which is worse-- how uncomfortable I am right now, or having coworkers hear me get sick.  It's pretty embarrassing to get sick at work... if anyone hears, they crowd around the bathroom stall until you come out so they can check on you. 

So, stick it out for a week until I've lost a couple pounds so it's a normal tightness...or go get an unfill?


  1. Unfill. I am all about being pro-active with the band. I've been too tight before and waited too long. It def. didn't end in weightloss, but weight gain because you turn to slider foods (ice cream) or whatever works for you. Which is rarely protien or healthy foods. Just my two cents.

  2. Unfill for sure!! Being too tight is a vicious cycle that is nearly impossible to break on your own. Loosen the band and allow your stomach to relax and stop being irritated and swollen!

  3. I am really struggling with this decision. I know if I go have an unfill tomorrow, it will throw off my schedule of fills before my trip. I know I can get by on a liquid protein diet, but I HATE them. I don't want to unfill, but I'm afraid I may need to. I have to decide by tomorrow because Thursday is the day they do adjustments at my office.

  4. I am actually getting mine unfilled in about an hour. I cannot even really drink anything without getting the right feeling in my chest and I'm still throwing up with meals which is miserable and I'm tired of being miserable. Anyway, all that to say, listen to what your body is telling you. If its too tight, it's too tight. I didn't make the decision to get my band so I could drink protein shakes until I get to my goal weight. I can still enjoy food, the band is just suppose to help me manage the amount, etc. Whatever decision you make, make sure that you are doing it for you and that it's a healthy decision.
    All the best of luck :)

  5. Sorry you're so uncomfortable! Being too tight is the worst. I opted for unfill. Getting stuck all the time isn't worth it. You can alays slowly have fluid added back until you find your green zone. Isn't it more important to go on your trip feeling comfortable and healthy than simply at a lower weight?

  6. I havent reached that level yet. I am getting a 4th fill next week. Getting stuck really sucks tho so maybe an unfill is in order, just a little bit and then shakes a couple of days until the inflamation goes down. Good luck! I hope you feel better soon...

  7. I think if you are getting sick that often an unfill is needed.

  8. the fact that you can eat tacos and a cupcake makes me think you just need to slow down, take smaller bites and chew more. After PB'ing you should be on liquids for a day giving your pouch a chance to doesn't sound like you are treating it very well. If it were me I would go on liquids for a day then mushies for a day and then really watch how and what I eat. If you go back to PBing then go in for an unfill...but because you are still able to eat and do liquids it sounds like user error to me.

    1. That's what I was thinking too. Although yesterday I took the tiniest bites of chicken at lunch time and chewed really well, but still got stuck. I ate fine last night too. I'm just going to stick to liquids for a few days. No one ever told me I should go to liquids and mushies for a day after PBing. I will keep that in mind for the future. Most of the time I PB and think it was just me not chewing enough or eating too fast, but not this time. Idk...I'll give it a few days on liquids and try again.