Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Fill + Adjustments

Today's Weight: 277

No change from my fill on 1/31/2012.

I was disappointed to find out this morning that my PA (Erica) who usually does my adjustments was not there.  And unfortunately, she will not be doing my adjustments for quite a while.  She's pregnant, so she can't be around the Fluoroscopy machine.  I have gotten used to her, and I also just feel that she is better at listening to me.  I can basically tell her what I want, and as long as she agrees it is medically safe, she will do it.

So now, until Erica has her baby, my surgeon Dr. Yoo will be performing my adjustments.  He had a little trouble accessing my port-- I could see the needle bending inside of me (ew!).  And he also only gave me 0.3 cc adjustment.  I am going to miss Erica for sure!  Anyway, I wont be going back again until after my trip to Europe so hopefully I will get off this plateau before my next visit.

Before going, I was really afraid of getting fussed at because I haven't lost any weight in 3 weeks.  Dr.  Yoo's response was that I have been an A+ patient, and even the most compliant patients hit a plateau.  He suggested that I switch to eating 5 small meals per day, instead of the 3 meals I've been eating to see if that helps jumpstart my metabolism.  If I haven't lost any weight by the time I go back (3/28) he said he'd like to see me for a sit-down-and-talk type appointment.  But until then, he isn't worried and told me I should stop stressing it.


  1. Yes! Stop stressing about it! :-) You've done great! EVERYONE hits plateaus. If they DID fuss at you for not losing weight, I'd advise you to change clinics. The average weight loss with the lapband is something like 2 - 8 lbs a month. So far, you've been a superstar!

    1. My friend who had surgery with the same doctor said he fussed her out quite frequently. But she also didn't go in for her adjustments very often and has not been very successful.

    2. Ah. Well I could see how not following through with aftercare would show a lack of commitment.

  2. Plateaus suck and can be scary...I'm in one myself, and even though I've started to go down again, it's only a pound a week :( -- you are doing great though and I'm sure you'll bounce back soon! Have a fabulous time in Europe! I went to Italy post surgery and was afraid I wouldn't find high protein meals...and had no problem! I didn't even miss the pasta :D

  3. I can imagine it is disappointing not having your usual PA, I would feel that way if mine (Darcie) was all of a sudden gone too!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting! :-)

  4. You will get past it. Change things up a bit! Have fun in Europe!