Friday, February 15, 2013


It's always a good idea to take some time to detox.  Sometimes I do a water/protein shake diet for a couple of days to reset my body.  But honestly, that's not the kind of detox I want to talk about today.

I think just as important for this journey as changing your eating habits, sometimes you need to change other things too.  Some of you had to quit smoking (and that's awesome that you did!), some of us had to start working out, and some of us needed to get rid of people in our lives that are just toxic!

Years ago, I dated a guy who was very obsessed with health/nutrition/working out.  You would think this would be good for me, and I guess at the time it was a motivation to get in better shape.  The problem was, he never made me feel like I was doing enough.  Things between us didn't last long, but we remained 'friends'.  I use that term loosely, because I think a friend should make you feel BETTER about yourself, not worse.

About a week after surgery, I went out with him.  That night I ended up telling him I was recovering from the surgery.  After I told him, the mood was suddenly different.  He told me that it was OFFENSIVE to him, that he has to work for his health and I bought mine.  Those were really his words.  He also said that he would never under any circumstance consider any type of weight loss surgery, even if he weighed 400 pounds. 

Well, moving forward, the other day I sent him a picture of me to show him my progress.  He didn't respond at the time, which was fine.  I'd rather him say nothing than to put me down.  But last night he finally responds that my ass is just as wide, but now flat.  Wow.

I sent him the picture originally because I wanted his validation.  I'm not sure why I thought I'd get it.  But after his rude response, I think I have realized that his opinion doesn't matter.  I don't need someone who is not even a real part of my life anymore to approve of my decision to have this surgery or of the progress I have made.

I know that I have to work at this every day, for the REST OF MY LIFE, I didn't just "pay for it" and then the weight just falls off.

So...screw what he thinks.


  1. People like that don't add anything to our lives. Getting rid of him will be SO much better for your health!

  2. how toxic...get that out of your life for good!

  3. Good that you can see that he is toxic... And so good that you ARE making changes in your life. Good job

  4. Yikes!!! Good riddence to bad rubbish. You know, you will lose weight and look great - his attudide can't be fixed with surgery.

  5. So I love quotes and this reminded me of a quote of Tina Turner's that I heard a couple of years back. It goes
    "Sometimes you have to let everything go - purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything - whatever is bringing you down - get rid of it. Because you will find that when you are free, your true self comes out."

    Sounds like he needed to be purged. You are doing great things in your life and you should be so proud.

  6. What a jerk!! You deserve good, supportive people in your life who are happy for your success. Don't give that piece of trash another thought.