Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A WLS "problem" you probably never considered

Before I start, just a disclaimer that I don't think this is a real "problem" per se, just something to think about. 

I've never been really big into tattoos.  I have always said that whatever tattoos I get need to be able to be covered by my dress on my wedding day because I am not going to be an inked up bride.

But shortly before the superbowl, I took a good friend to get a tattoo that she'd been saying she would get for some time.  Then 2 weekends ago, while my best friend was visiting for the weekend, I also took her to get a tattoo.  Both friends got their tattoos on their rib cage.  I thought this was really attractive and it gave me ink envy.

I got my first tattoo when I was 18.  It is the Tarheel foot on my foot, for the university I attended.  I got this with pride as I was the first in my family to attend/graduate from a 4 year program.  Thankfully it is on my foot so it didn't stretch with weight gain/loss.  So this was my delimma... I wanted another tattoo but it was very hard to think of a place to get one that the skin wouldn't change too drastically with weight loss and wouldn't be stretched out of shape with any lift I might want one day.  And could also be hidden while wearing a strapless top/dress.

I really wanted the rib tattoo, but I knew a lower body lift would stretch all that skin out in a way I can't even imagine what a tattoo there would look like afterward.

So I finally decided on the back of my neck.  I got lyrics from my favorite band (Shiny Toy Guns) and it is from a song that reminds me of a friend who passed away last year.  Here's a pic:
"Take me now and climb to fly to a higher place where love wont die"


  1. I like it! I think that is a great spot! And very meaningful. Sorry about your friend...

    1. Thank you :) His sisters really loved it too.