Sunday, December 2, 2012


Surgery was on a Monday morning. I only needed a liquid pre-op diet the day before surgery. It was clear liquids only. Oh my god.... PURE. HELL.

My mom stayed with me the night before surgery. I didn't sleep at all. So by the time I arrived at the hospital, I was ready for the anesthesia so I could get some sleep! I felt like it didn't take long at all for them to take me back to a room. Thankfully they took me back immediately because it took over an hour to start the IV. They finally got it on stick #4. Human freaking pin cushion here.  By the time my IV was started, I was behind schedule and they took me back immediately. I never saw my surgeon on the day of surgery, but I did see his PA briefly. I remember wondering if they cath you during surgery, and I woke up to find they do I was peeing all over myself upon waking. Ugh! How embarrassing!

After surgery I was coughing from the intibation....most painful coughs of my life! I never realize how many things you use your stomach muscles for until a doctor slices through them....coughing, laughing, sneezing, hiccuping, bending, getting up, laying down, turning, etc.

I felt that they kicked me out of the hospital before I was even awake! I could not stay awake in the car to even help my mom navigate. Thankful for GPS! I stayed at a friends' house after surgery and her pre-teen daughter took great care of me. Honestly my band felt TIGHT from the swelling! It was hard to get enough liquids or protein.

After 2 days at my friends' home, I had cabin fever and I was ready to go back to work. She brought me home and I attempted to return to work that Thursday. Fail! I stayed for probably only 3 hours before sitting up was just unbearably painful and I needed to go home. I was back at work on my regular schedule at one week post-op.

The two week liquid diet post surgery diet really was terrible. Especially at my coworkers do a few things non-work related REALLY and have babies!!! ((Hmmmm....I sense a correlation?!?!)) We had a team lunch during that time where I got soup. I was so thankful for real food  by two weeks out. Every time I get an adjustment and they remind me to only have liquid for 24 hours after, I cringe thinking about those two weeks!

Well, that's enough for tonight! Hope to get caught up more soon.  Here are a few post surgery photos to close with:

Here's a photo of my incisions on the day of surgery.  There are 5.  4 in a straight line and one higher up.

Here's a photo of my scars today, only 2 are noticeable anymore.  The ones on the sides and higher up are very light and hardly visible even to me.


  1. Hey Hollee! I am reading back through your blog because I am having the Lap Band surgery in 2 weeks and trying to get some idea of what it will be like. What things did you eat/drink during your liquid diet? Thanks!

    1. Hey Christina,

      Congrats on your upcoming surgery! I wasn't sure how to respond to you, so hopefully you will see it here!

      First, get a variety of Protein shakes. They will get old, but they'll be necessary! Sugar Free and No Sugar Added Popsicles will be your best friend... Seriously, best thing ever. Gatorade G2. Sugar Free candy. Tomato soup. Toward the end, when I was sick of EVERYTHING, I bought Campbell's Chicken Noodle and just strained it and drank the broth and thew out the chicken and noodles.

      It was hard, but honestly not at hard as the 24 hours prior to surgery where I was only allowed water.