Monday, December 3, 2012


It really bothers me when I hear people say they know someone who had weight loss surgery and those people are taking the easy way out. Obviously they haven't spent much time with their friend to know it is usually not easy. Losing weight is rarely easy.... I'd say more often we step on the scale surprised to see the number increase rather than decrease.

So, now that I've gotten my little gripe out of the way, I wanted to tell you all the changes I've made:

Every morning, I eat the same thing, pretty much. Regardless of how much restriction I'm feeling, I try to keep this routine. Not only does it make it easy to decide what's for breakfast, it also helps tell me when my band needs an adjustment. Every morning around 8:00, I eat a scrambled egg and a small Greek yogurt. I'm partial to chobani champions Vanilla Chocolate chunk and Yoplait coconut. I like the flavors and they also come in smaller portions than most other Greek yogurts. If my restriction is right, I shouldn't be hungry again until around noon.

I've also started packing my lunch, which is something I never did before. Usually it is some kind of leftover or a bunch of small things thrown together. I don't like to get sick at work, so I often still eat mushy foods in the office. My personal favorite is noodle-less lasagna (meat sauce, cottage cheese, and some parm cheese sprinkled on top).

Dinner is a lot more flexible. I do still go out to eat sometimes, but I'm learning to order off of the kids menu. And at restaurants, it is even more necessary to chew thoroughly. Even still, I have a habit of locating the bathroom upon entering the restaurant.

I've started using to track my calories and make sure I'm getting enough protein. Usually my calorie intake is 800-1000 calories per day and 60ish grams of protein.

As far as exercise goes, I need to crank it up. I walk my dog for 30 mins in the morning, 45 minutes after work, and an hour before bed. I really need to work on building muscle.

The hardest thing for me has been giving up soda. I loved soda, but even a small sip now gives me a sensation that I can't breath. Giving up carbs, on the other hand, hasn't been as hard as I expected. I hate to vomit and most carbs send me straight to the bathroom to get sick.

And the last thing I'm doing is taking a multivitamin and Skin, Hair, and Nails vitamin. Unfortunately, my hair is still falling out, but I will expand on that more another day.



  1. Hi Hollee! New Follower ~ Lap Band Girl sent me over! Good work on planning! My hair fell out for about 8 months after surgery...but then it stopped and is now thick again - I think our bodies go into shock.

    1. Thanks for the message Vanessa... it's something that bothers me pretty badly. I'm planning to dedicate a whole post to it because it's such a big deal for me! But glad to know that your hair came back! I'll keep that in mind and try not to stress it too much!

  2. Hi Hollee! You are doing so well!!! Glad to see you are blogging. LBG sent me and I am following you. Have a great day!

  3. Hi Hollee! Lap band gal sent me over! Looks like you are doing all the right things to be on the right track with your band! Looking forward to following your journey!

  4. Hi Hollee -- another LBG friend here! You are doing AWESOME with your band, congratulations on being so committed to your health!!

    I'm at

  5. Welcome to the Lapband world... you are doing amazing! Love your breakfast idea... I still struggle most mornings wondering what to eat. Heck I still struggle all day wondering what to eat :-)

  6. Best wishes to you and your journey. :)