Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy 3 Month Bandiversary

Today makes 3 months since surgery.  How do I feel?  In general, I feel great.  Today, however, I feel like absolute crap!  And it's my own fault.

After the fill Thursday, my band is TIGHT!  Probably tighter than it has been previously.  So tight that I can only eat a few bites of solid food for a meal.  Really, just two or three and I'm done.  Knowing that, I should not have drank much (alcohol), but Saturday I had one drink after going to a basketball game (GO HEELS!!! ...UNC alumni) and Sunday I had a get together at my house and had too many glasses of wine.  I am not even sure how much I drank, but it was more than one too many.

So now, I'm super dehydrated.  This isn't something I considered before drinking this weekend.  Due to my band, I don't take in as much liquid as I used to.  Before surgery, I always drank 5 or 6 glasses of water at meals...yes really.  Now that I can't do that, my water intake is severely decreased and I have to actually work to get enough water.  I keep 2 bottles of water at my work desk and carry a cup of water to whatever room I'm in in my house.  Regardless of all that, alcohol two days in a row has me terribly dehydrated.

You know it's bad when I put myself on a strictly liquid diet today to try to help me hydrate, and because I just don't feel like eating when I feel this bad.  I HATE protein shakes.

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