Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hair, Hair, Everywhere

Since I'm getting lots of new readers, thanks to Lap Band Gal, I would love to get feedback on hair loss!

Let me start by saying that I have always been known for my hair.  I cut my hair every 3-4 years for locks of love, but I usually have long hair, and it's something I've always gotten a lot of attention for.  I love my hair, and sometimes when I cut it for Locks of Love, it takes me a long time to feel like "me" again.

So when I started researching the surgery, I found that hair loss can be a side effect.  The thought of this terrified me.  After lots of feedback, I decided it just would not happen to me.  I would eat my protein and make the healthiest of food choices, and I would take Biotin, and it just would not happen.  And I have done all of the things I said I would do.  Unfortunately, my brain decided I would not lose my hair, but my body had other plans.

I've always had thin hair, but it is becoming even thinner.  I'd love to hear your experiences regarding hair loss and whether it came back as full as before!

This amount comes out after just running my hands through my hair....


  1. Hollee - the hair loss hit me about 3 months post-op, and I started with the biotin right away (I have fine hair, but lots of it, and it was getting really thin right at the front of my part on my forehead) - I also average at least 85-95g of protein daily. I'm 9 months post-op now, and it's better, although I'm noticing the texture of my hair is different.

    Of course, I'm twice your age, so who knows if it's band or age-related!!

  2. You know I am just going to say it. I take a multi vitamin and I try to make sure I get in 60-80g of protein a day. I had hair loss up until 5months out at a pretty rapid pace and then it stopped. I still have hair loss but not by the handful. I used to literally get a handful a day..but the crazy thing was I never noticed it. My hair is thin as well and long..and straight. I don't by into biotin..thats just me. I believe your body goes into shock after surgery and it just takes awhile to recover. I have seen others though whose hair got scary but they were not eating healthy and not watching their protein. BTW--new follower here!

  3. Hey.. new follower. LBG sent me :)Good job on your success so far. Looks like we were only a week out from surgeries. I was stuck for a while, but should be on a roll now because of a good fill. Thanks for including what you eat.. I am always looking for new ideas. Love the pasta less lasagna idea!!!

  4. I lost hair until about 9 months post-op. I am good about a multivitamin but did really do anything else. I think it was just from the trauma to your body and change in diet. I also have a ton of hair so I wasnt to worried about it. I think it will resolve itself, just make sure you are eating well. :) New follower!

  5. Hey! I'm a new follower- LBG sent me!
    I'm a 25 year old single, working lady!

    You are looking amazing!

  6. Hollee, I tend to agree with Jennxax here... I think it's a post-op thing. The surgery is a big shock to our hormones--you might notice other hormonal changes like late/missed period-- and give it some time to correct itself. That being said, I also believe in stacking the deck, and be sure you are getting enough protein. I don't think the Biotin will hurt either. I didn't notice the hair loss post-op, but I did notice new hair growth a month later-- the kind that new mothers get after they give birth. They showed up as a ring of little 'baby hairs' in my hairline...attractive! (NOT!)lol

    BTW, new follower here sent from LBG. I hope you'll visit my blog and make it mutual!

  7. Hey there! I am a new follower sent over by Lap Band Gal! Congrats!! I was banded about a month after you!

  8. I've read that you can lose hair after surgery just because of the trauma from surgery. I didn't lose any hair when I had lapband surgery, but I did when I have gallblader surgery two years ago. I'm sure it will stop soon.