Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weight Loss

Let me be honest and just say that weight loss has NOT been a main priority lately.  I've had a lot going on, some things I'm not yet ready to disclose.  That being said, I've continued to lose.

Depending on the day, I'm somewhere between 212 and 215.  That's crazy considering I think my brain still belongs to a 344 pound Hollee.  My original goal was just to be under 200 pounds.  I just want to live in Onederland.  I'm so close, but soooo far.  I can't even tell you how far it feels to get to 200 pounds or less.

Hopefully I will continue to lose over the next couple of months and get to under 200 pounds, but I'm currently feeling a little discouraged.  I'll update you all soon.


  1. You've come so far. You'll get there. Sometimes weight loss does not have to be our main priority.

  2. We all lose focus now & then, hang in there, your motivation will return. Just don't stop weighing, that's when it really creeps back!

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