Friday, October 3, 2014

Two weeks post op

I wrote it last Friday on my weigh in, and I knew it was going to happen....but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck.  As soon as I started eating real food, the weight loss hit a wall.

Last week's weight: 247.2
Today's weight:  246.2

Loss of 1 pound.

I know, a loss is a loss, and I expected a stall, but I'm disappointed.

I see Dr. Yoo today and plan to ask him when I'm allowed to start really exercising again.  I'm dead tired, but I know I need to move more.  My cousins are having Yoga day on Sunday and I don't think I'm allowed to participate quite yet, but I'll ask.  I'm only 2 weeks out and I was originally told 4 weeks.  It doesn't hurt to ask though right?

I have a tendency to be stubborn and hard headed and over do it, if you can't tell.

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