Tuesday, May 27, 2014

All Geeked Out

Have you heard the phrase "geeked out"?  In case you haven't, it means someone is super excited about something.  Well I'm all geeked out!  ((Note:  According to Urb@nD!ctionary, there are other meanings to "geeked out" dealing with drugs, and I am NOT that definition of it!))

'Why?' you might ask?

Well I had an AWESOME meet-and-greet date yesterday.  The kind of first date that makes a girl optimistic that there is still hope for her after a string of bad dating luck.

This guy messaged me on a dating site yesterday and instantly I knew I'd like him.  The way he'd responded to things I'd written in my profile and after only a few messages he suggested we get together, and that he hoped I wouldn't think he was rushing.  Nope... I can't stand to have endless online conversations with a guy before meeting him.  It leaves little to talk about when you meet, or either leads to the "friend zone" if you've gotten to know each other "too well" during the interim.  So I told him I was up for meeting whenever was convenient for him, and he suggested a coffee or dinner date the same night!

Now we all know how I feel about first dates at dinner.  If you don't... go here (re: Date Disaster Blog Post).  It's a NO NO with my band.  So I quickly jumped on the coffee date idea!

I arrived before him, as I always do with an online meeting so that I am safely inside prior to the date's arrival.  When he came in I got up to greet him and he gave me the biggest bear hug.  The kind of hug you get from an old friend that you haven't seen in ages.  I LOVE a real hug.  I don't do half-ass hugs.  What's the point.  So he had me from that first hug.

25 years old.  A bit young for my usual, but I'm trying something new.  Light brown hair and blue eyes with glasses.  A little taller than me, even with my heels on.  The cute kind of nerdy adorable.

The conversation was great.  He was funny.  There wasn't much awkwardness that usually goes along with meeting someone online, except the occasional moment that I would catch him staring at me and ask what and he would respond that I was beautiful.  I like it, but it also makes me feel shy.  Don't worry, it wasn't in a creepy way ladies.  I can't remember the last time I had a date that I felt like the guy was as completely into me as I was into him.  This is a nice new feeling.

Here's to hoping <3


  1. My name is Jessica and I approve this Blog post! :)

  2. You gon' and be geeked, girl. This is awesome!! Keep us posted.

  3. yay!!! you deserve this! There is love out there and you should have a guy that is totally into you! Keeping my fingers crossed for you =)

  4. Such good news! You deserve to have a GREAT first date...here's to many more wonderful dates with this guy!