Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Birthday Blues

I've been feeling pretty sad since my birthday.  Not over growing older or anything.  I love getting older--- it sure as hell beats the alternative right?!  ha

Remember that picture?  If you don't, that's Mr. Banker's 25 birthday gifts of Christmas.  Things have been, to say the least, ROUGH between Mr. Banker and I.  But I thought after all I did for Mr. Banker, he would do SOMETHING for my birthday.  I can't even count the hours I spent coming up with 25 gifts, but I know it took me over 3 hours just to wrap them all.
He didn't even call me to wish me a happy birthday.  Last year he was the only person who called to say happy birthday--my parents, grandmother, sisters all just sent a text.  And I told him how much it meant to me that he picked up the phone and called.  This year, he did text a happy birthday message after I told him he had the day wrong and Sunday, was in fact, my birthday.  But he couldn't be bothered when I asked him to bring me food or advil later in the day. 
I'm really hurt and just feel so unimportant to him.


  1. I don't know what to write... What I want to write is DUMP is sleezy ass. Leave him in the dust and clear the space for someone who will treat you right. That space won't be filled immediately and that is where the test of faith comes in. Don't let him back in to crowd the space again, because then the process starts all over. Making you that much farther from being ready for something/someone great.

    But I won't write that. I know it isn't that easy and that heartache is the loneliest and most difficult sort of pain.... That being said, you should try my unwritten advice. :)

  2. I totally agree with Lorie. WALK AWAY. FOR GOOD. Don't let him in, not even a little bit. He's not worth your love and affection, and time. I spent way too many years loving the man who couldn't or wouldn't love me back. It was a huge waste of time and took up lots of the best years of my life. Move on and don't look back.

  3. I have written you for a while been busy and have not blogged but I am in pain every time I read about Mr. Banker. I want to punch him in the eye.. You are gorgeous!! You are smart !! You are thoughtful !!! You deserve someone who appreciates all this. (I know I have been there) Wasting time on the Banker is not good for you.. NEXT. Move forward and don't look back You are worth it. (anyone that would spend the time to pick out 25 gifts ) WOW what a catch you are for someone!

  4. Hi Hollee, have you ever listened to (or read) Dan Savage? He's one of my favorite people. :) Anyway, he has a saying, "DTMFA" which stands for Dump the MF'er Already! Mr. Banker doesn't want you, and you are too wonderful to want anyone who doesn't want you and love you! Go find someone better, I would love to read about how happy and in love you are with the right guy! Go get 'em, girl! :)

  5. I agree with Julie. I want to hear about your real love. I like your blog so much and you inspire me. Looking forward to the day when we get to read about Mr. Wonderful --- I hope you catch that I am older and a grandmotherly (although a very young grandmother) and not rude . I hope I don't sound rude!

    1. No not at all! I know you all care or you wouldn't have been reading me for so long! Thanks everyone for supporting and caring <3