Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weight and Life update

Although slow, my weight loss is still continuing.  This morning I stepped on the scale before going to the gym and saw 239.4--which happens to be the weight I need to win my Round 1 of DietBet.  Then I came home from the gym and was up to 241.2.  Gr.  I wish I had documented my weight this morning before the gym for the contest.  Oh well.  I have 8 days left in this round, so I feel confident I can do it.

I feel pretty shitty in general though.  I'm not sure if it's from my weekend travel to San Francisco (being tired and on a plane with stuffy air) or from days of crying over the end of Mr. Banker.  Either way, I feel horrible- headache, stuffy nose, hoarse, and coughing.  The way I currently feel, I'm proud that I even got up for the gym.  I'll go back after work to get another workout in.  I do really well if I do 30-45 minutes of weight training in the morning and an hour of cardio at night.  I just don't have more than an hour at a time to spend at the gym, so it works for me to split it up.

I need to get involved in some type of yoga or meditation to help me deal with life right now.

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  1. Yoga is so great for that. I need to get back to it!