Friday, November 21, 2014

Colorado and Texas

Colorado will never be Texas.  It doesn't matter how long I wait for it to be, or how much I want it to be, Colorado just can't ever be Texas.

And Texas is so much better than Colorado ever could be.

I'm sure you're all wondering what I'm talking about, and wondering if it's Mr. Banker, and in some ways it is, and in some ways it isn't.  This is someone else's story.  I'm not going to link her blog, but if you have read other Banded Sisters blogs, you may know this story already.  This blogger gave her time and affection to Colorado for a very long time and he never wanted to be more than friends.  I know that feeling... Mr. Banker is my Colorado.  When she decided to give up Colorado, she met Texas.  And Texas was better in every way than Colorado ever could've been.  My dearest blogger friend married her Texas after 5 months of dating and they became parents a little over a year after marriage.

This story reminds me that no matter how much I want Mr. Banker to be right for me, he just isn't.  And the happiness I've felt with him will not compare to The One, when I find that person.

I hope My Texas comes along soon.


  1. Hi Hollee...I had a Mr. Banker/Colorado that I pined after for a long time. I even wrote about him in my blog...stupid moments of weakness where I almost let my emotions for him get away from me...again. But then I met the man who is now my husband. Things were different with him from day 1. I spent 3 years wondering why my Colorado was so dense as to not see how great we could be together. But when I met my husband, the relationship was so incredibly easy...none of the emotional turmoil I went through with the other guy. When it happens you will be amazed at how different it is with someone who puts in the effort and makes you a priority. I married my husband 1 year after we met...and we've been married 2 years now. I still can't believe how easy our relationship is. I'm still "friends" with my Colorado...and he's still single and tormenting other women with his ways. Let your heart be open to something better. :)

  2. I went through a bad break up in my 20s; took a year off from dating, focused on myself and got right back to dating. I married the first guy I started dating and that was a HUGE mistake. Take the time, focus on YOU, do things for YOU, do things that make YOU happy. The right love comes along when we most need it, and that will be your Texas. Trust me, I know. I'm now married to my Texas - he was my high school sweetheart but it took him many years to realize that everything he wanted was right in front of him. We BOTH learned a lot from our mistakes and we have a fantastic relationship, of course it has its ups and downs but I wouldn't have it any other way.