Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Things

Monday began a new adventure for me.  I began my new job at Duke Clinical Research Institute.  As a Tar Heel fanatic, I'm sure some of you are surprised, but I do respect Duke as an academic institution.  I think this is going to be a fun adventure. 

Above is my 2nd day of work outfit, after waking up at 5am to work out.  I have felt really good about how I look regardless of the fact that the scale hasn't given me great feedback.

I also decided Monday that it was time to kick my work outs into high gear.  And by high gear, I mean that I went Monday night, Tuesday morning, Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, and Wednesday night to the gym.  Today I need a rest day.  I have never hurt from working out the way I currently do.  A friend offered to give me some free personal training which has been AMAZING.  I've worked parts of my body that I have never worked out before (lower back, OUCH)!

I hope you all are feeling as good and motivated as I am!

On October 21, Jessica (or @JessicaVSG if you're on instagram) convinced me to join DietBet.  We are doing a 6 month 10% transformation bet.  WHEN I meet my DietBet goal, I will weigh 222.2 :)  And then I'll keep going!  Exercising really helped this week, and I lost 2.2 pounds since last week.  That's my biggest weekly loss in quite some time.

Current weight: 241.6

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