Monday, June 30, 2014

Why I Share My story...

I was going to post about this a while ago, when the first story happened, but I guess I forgot or it didn't seem that important at the time.  But then this second story happened and I thought it relevant again.

When I was in California in May at Disneyland, I decided to ask if I could order from the children's menu.  The woman taking my order was a short, heavy European lady with a heavy accent who told me I would still be starving after eating the child's burger with no bun, as it was smaller than a little sausage patty.  I told her I had weight loss surgery and would take my chances, and she allowed me to order it.  After I ordered though, she was full of questions.  She told me she had contemplated WLS because she was having heart issues and had diabetes due to her weight and I strongly encouraged her to speak with a doctor, because it was the best decision of my life.  She hugged me when I got my food and went to sit down, and at that moment I really felt that I might have made a difference in this woman's life.

I guess that's why I share.  And it is "easier" for me to share with someone who is heavier.  I guess I feel that they can understand my struggle a little better.

Then last week at my annual woman visit, as the nurse took my medical history, she was also bombarding me with questions about my band.  After she had finished her questions, she told me I had inspired her to finally make a doctor's appointment to talk to someone about her weight. 


  1. I love these kinds of stories! Thanks for sharing! I didn’t tell anyone for years, now few people know but I don’t go around telling people I don’t know. I think only because I’m not use to doing that. I’d like to be a little more open about it but it’s hard to figure out after 5 yrs of basically being hush hush other than on my blog.


  2. I'll be honest... I'm more inclined to share with strangers than people I know. Thanks to people who were open with me is able to make the decision to have mine. So I totally understand. And thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!

  3. I love sharing my story! Glad you do too! I think it definitely helps people!