Thursday, June 26, 2014

Been a while since TTT

1. Happy Thursday!  My band is tight.  For the last 7 days, I'm not even sure there's still a leak.  I know that sounds weird, but I am so tight I PB everything if I'm not incredibly mindful when eating/drinking.  Yes, drinking.  I know it's going to sound weird, but I'm loving the restriction.  I love the feeling that this band is working for the first time since last September.

2. Life has been mostly normal. Work, Home, Repeat. Work is busy busy busy. There are 3 phases to my job: 1. Study Start-up. 2. Maintenence. 3. Database Lock. The first and last are the hardest. Well, don't you know I have one study in Database Lock, 2 studies in Maintenence, and one study in Study Start-up. I am SWAMPED!

3. Please don't take that as complaining though. I like being busy.

4. The insurance company is supposed to let me know about my appeal for revision by July 7. I wish they would hurry!

5. Last week I had some pretty intense port pain. We don't really know what it was. I'm still sore, but it's nothing like it was. We may do an EGD, but are hoping for approval before they can even get that scheduled.

6. My work contest to win $500 ends next week. I was winning until recently. Now I'm a few 'likes' behind. If you haven't yet, go find me on facebook to help out!  I will be okay if I don't win though, because the girl who is on top right now says she is going to donate all the money to charity.  That's noble.

7.   I'm still seeing the therapist that I had to see for a letter for revision approval. She is really good to talk to.

8.  I have baby fever something serious after having my nephew visit.  All I can think about is getting to my goal weight and then getting pregnant.  With or without a partner to do it with.  I know that's a hot topic, but it isn't in the near future and maybe I'd change my mind when I get there.

9.  This year is going by really fast, or is it just me?!  I can't believe it's almost July 4.  I am very much looking forward to having a couple of days off work next week!

10.  Part of the reason my friend in my last blog has been so tough on me about Mr. Banker lately is because I met someone new.  My friend thinks I need to give this new guy a shot.  So I'm going to introduce the new guy as California.  I was going to call him Sunshine, but that seemed a bit gay, and I don't want to impose that on him.  So California is a 6'1 personal trainer.  He honestly seems too good to be true at this point, SOMETHING has to be wrong with him.  He's 27, owns his own business, owns 2 houses- one of which I have been to and it is REALLY nice.  He is very nice to me and tells me I'm beautiful.  On our first date, he told me I was beautiful three times. I guess we will see where it goes with California :)


  1. Ha! Ditch the Banker. Just make sure this guy's legit and not just house sitting for someone. ;)

    And I hope you win - people never reaaaaally donate it to charity, do they?

  2. OMG - Love how Ronnie thinks! Yes - check this guys credentials!!

  3. C'mon ladies, don't you know I already checked county tax records for that house ;) AND did an NC offender search lol