Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All Out of Sorts

I don't feel like I have a ton to talk about right now, but I'm feeling down in the dumps.  It's a lot of different things, but my weight plateau is NOT helping!  I wish the revision would just come through and be approved, that would make my life feel a little better right now.

I'm at sorts with several friends.

First the friend I talked about in a previous blog about refusing to like my work contest photo and saying she is sick of me asking... she read my blog and apparently deems it worth ending our friendship over because I was 'childish' for posting on my blog about it.  Maybe I didn't convey enough that I was upset with her, although I tend to assume after knowing me for 8 years you should know that me saying goodbye mid-conversation is a good indication that I'm upset/hurt, but she also doesn't think anything was wrong with her response to me either.

Also at sorts with another friend.  She had been quiet for about a week, which is unusual for our friendship, so I texted her to check on her and ask if she was okay.  Her response to me was that she had been ignoring me because she doesn't agree with my choices lately, whatever that means.  So we haven't spoken either.  The ironic part is that she is upset with me for continuing to speak to Mr. Banker.... but here's the thing:

Mr. Banker and I haven't spoken in weeks.  The saddest part about a break up ((although this is not a break up since we were never officially in a relationship....)) is that you meet a stranger, let them into your life and they become one of your closest friends.  Then all of a sudden they become a stranger again.

Maybe it would be easier if I wasn't missing two of the women who are supposed to be my closest friends right now in addition to all of that.


  1. I'm sorry Hollee! I'm telling the universe to give you a break!

  2. Girl, things happen for a reason. You do not need them in your life! XOXO