Monday, May 20, 2013

C25k W6D1

Today was week 6 day 1 of my couch to 5k program. Although I'm constantly impressed by my progress, I feel like I've let myself down Friday and today.

Last week on Monday and Wednesday the male organizer ran with us and I was able to complete all the intervals running. Then Friday came and the female organizer ran with the slower group. Twice I had to stop and walk for 30 seconds. Although I didn't do quite as well, my run keeper app told me my pace was greatly increased. I was unhappy with myself but then today was even worse! Again the female organizer ran with my group. I ran the first 10 minutes, but then the second interval I only ran about 5 minutes before needing a break.

My breathing was okay today but my hip hurt. I thought about it a lot and I honestly believe I would've pushed through the pain if I'd been with the male runner. He has promised to run with me Wednesday to help motivate me again. I'm starting to feel like a failure. I want to kick this program's @$$ like I did last week!!

Regardless of my mediocre endurance, I still see progress when I look at the app. And it seems that my average pace gets better every time.


  1. you are doing great girl! dont beat yourself up!!!

  2. You inspired me to start a C25K group. I started it on and I have had 9 people join so far. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  3. You are doing so great! It's all about progress and you dear are making progress! And please don't forget the hell we've put our bodies through carrying extra weight for years. It will take time for your body too... what do you think was different about running with the male leader than the female leader?

    1. I think it's just my inner feminist refusing to look weak in front of a man.