Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pregnancy + Weight Update

Sooooooooooo... THIS happened this morning?!

I don't know where that came from, but it is nice to see while it lasts.  I know that at some point during this pregnancy, the scale is going to start increasing and it won't stop until sometime in November.  I will just have to get used to that.

Friday, Mr. Banker and I have an anatomy scan to determine the baby's gender.
We will have the sonographer put it in an envelope and then take it to a baker to bake us a gender reveal cake.  Then we have to wait a whole week (+2 days) for our gender reveal party!!! UGH!  But I'm so glad we're doing it, because Mr. Banker initially said no.  I guess he realized in the last couple of days that making me happy was worth the wait.

Isn't it strange to anyone else...the idea of finding out the gender of a baby when I'm not even sporting a bump? Not at all...not even a little.


Here's a picture from the weekend and I don't look pregnant at all...granted the pattern on the dress probably makes it hard to tell!


  1. I don't understand people who want to wait until birth so they are surprised. As if giving birth isn't surprise enough. There is no way I could wait. Can't wait to find out!

  2. Holy shit you are in ONEDERLAND!!! (under 200)!!! CONGRATS!

  3. PS you have weird little pinky toes like I do. Neat :)

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