Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kids say the Darnedest things...

It has been a long time since a child commented on my weight.  I had almost forgotten the feeling.  How hurtful it is, even when they don't intend for it to be.

Mr. Banker and I went to the beach for memorial day with his best friend's family, including his wonderful godsons.  On the way to the beach, the oldest godson --he is 7-- rode in the car with us, and made a comment about how I was bigger than Mr. Banker.  I was at a loss for words and was glad that I was wearing sunglasses so that they couldn't see me cry.  I know it was not at all his intention to hurt me, but I thought I'd gotten to a point that I wouldn't have to deal with things like that anymore.  At 5'9, Mr. Banker and I are the same height and I only weigh about 10-15 pounds more than him now.  Mr. Banker corrected his godson and told him it wasn't nice to comment on people's weights, the conversation ended and when we got out of the car Mr. Banker had a private conversation with the little boy who came up and apologized for hurting my feelings and hugged me.

I suppose he made up for it, because although they call me "Miss Hollee" and him "Uncle Banker" (insert name in place of Banker), the older godson said something that showed he is beginning to think of me as family.  I was talking to Mr. Banker's family about my nephew and the older godson interrupts and says "wait... which nephew?  me or ...younger godson...?"  I explained to him that I have another nephew that he'll get to meet next weekend, but it had me grinning from ear to ear.

Older godson also gave Mr. Banker a speech in the car about how if we are having a baby, we should be married and even told him how he is supposed to ask me.  He was full of suggestions for baby names including "Pete, Bob, Alvin, Tom and Jerry"--we asked for boy names since we're pretty set already on a girl name.

I really do adore Mr. Banker's family.  Especially the two godsons.  They melt my heart every time I see them.

Yesterday morning, younger godson --he's 4-- told me he wanted to show me something, but it was upstairs.  So I went upstairs with him and he stood on the bed and wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed my cheek and proceeded to tell me that was all he needed to show me.  Do you guys understand why these kids have me like putty in their hands?


  1. I hope you don't dwell to much on the numbers. We all pretty much had WLS to feel better. Sure looking better is part of it, but you feel better and you are gorgeous! Even at your heaviest you looked amazing. My grandson tells will say things although I know that he loves me and means nothing by it, it doesn't hurt my feelings because what he says is true-- My legs are big or whatever. I am totally stealing Mr. B's words and will tell him next time its not nice to talk about someone's weight! Great way to put it. I think you are amazing and hope you keep on posting here. I enjoy reading your posts!!

  2. and I am totally ashamed of that post! Need to proof read before I hit send! But you get my point =)

    1. I do and thank you for supporting me through this journey! It's just hard because I used to get comments from kids all the time and I had forgotten and taken for granted that it wouldn't happen again.

      I don't hold it against him. I know it wasn't his intention to hurt me at all.

  3. How freekin cute! I think our weight will always be a sensitive subject even if we are at "goal" weight. I am glad he spoke with him regarding the issue.

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