Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A(nother) new start

I'm an ESFJ (Myers-Brigs assessment).

My weaknesses, if you're interested:

  • Inflexible 
  • Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise 
  • Often Too Needy 
  • Too Selfless
This basically explains everything that is wrong with me.

And explains why I'm so averse to change.  I HATE change.  And it feels as if the only constant in my life right now is change.

First, the end of my relationship with Mr. Banker.
Losing my church (also a result of Mr. Banker).

Now losing my gym/trainer.

The good and bad news is that the owner of the gym let me out of my contract.  That's good because I really don't think I could've worked out with old trainer again after last week.  The bad news is that prior to Thursday, I really did like him as a trainer.  I'm also losing the support of all of the women at the gym.  

That's hard but I think this is the best case scenario.

My old trainer from 3 years ago opened her own gym.  It used to be pretty far away from me, but I just found out her gym has moved just miles from me.  It's similar in workout routine....

45 minute
Rotating body systems
Boot camp style

but it's smaller.  I went today and yesterday and it was just me and one other girl working out with me.  I hope I can adjust to this change.

I really do need the exercise.  It puts me in a better mental place than I've been in years.


  1. I too hate change.. but with change usually comes even better things. Hang in there and roll with punches! Life gets better after breakups.. one step closer to the right person for you. Good luck.. Keep posting!

  2. Good for you! I'm glad you got out of the contract. That was complete and utter b u l l s h i t. You know what? Maybe he'll choose his words more carefully next time. Or not. His choice. But you made the choice that was best for you. And that's why you had the surgery, right? For you! No one else. I commend you for standing up for yourself. GET IT,GIRL!

  3. I am soooooo glad you got out of your contract!!!

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