Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back at it

The stress associated with breaking up, custody, and work is really starting to get to me. I got to a point that I wanted a drink every day after work, but I made the decision not to drink when alone in the company of my child, so that wasn't working out for me. So today I made the decision to go back to boot camp.

A new location of Burn Bootcamp opened closer to my house... About 15 minutes away. I used to go to a different location of this franchise prior to my revision surgery. If there's a Burn Bootcamp in your location, I recommend it highly. It's some of the most intense workout you can possibly fit into 45 minutes.

And I'm scared!

I'm terribly out of shape.

And let's be real, I'm lazy.

But I need to do something to help with my current stress level. Correction....i need to do something HEALTHY to deal with it. We all know there are plenty of unhealthy things I could do, so I'm proud of myself for choosing a healthy alternative to the daily glass of wine the minute my work day is done.

Tomorrow is day 1. Say a little prayer for me.


  1. You got this! And kudos for you to recognizing that you needed a healthy outlet for your stress. You have to put yourself in the list of taking care of yourself, even if that means an hour away from your sweet baby because in the end, he needs you the most and you need him.