Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One Week Away

Yesterday was my pre-op appointment.

It began with a 3 hour pre-op class with 7 other RNY patients and one DS patient.  This class was miserable for several reasons.  First, I have already taken it before.  Second, the questions/comments just REALLY annoyed me.

"How long do I have to take these vitamins?"

"When will I be able to drink sweet tea/eat fried chicken again?"

"I don't have a problem with food, I'm just fat.  Will I still lose weight?"

"How much weight am I going to lose?"

The questions were really endless and it frustrated me because I felt like these people had not done their research at all.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe I'm just being a WLS snob...idk.

Then I had an appointment with my surgeon.  I hugged him and thanked him for all of his help and for fighting for me.  His personality though.... think....a brick.  But, it's not his personality performing my surgery, so it'll be alright.  He did inform me that if he gets in there and finds a lot of scar tissue, the band will be removed and RNY will NOT be performed at the same time.  Fingers crossed that is NOT how it goes.  He thinks I should be okay since my band is theoretically "normal" but he won't know really until he gets in there.

My PA will be helping with my surgery, although she doesn't typically do surgeries at that hospital.  She has rearranged her schedule and I will go first that morning so that she can be there.  I truly love her and hope she knows how much I appreciate her.  It means a lot to me that she will be the one helping with my surgery. 

Then I had my pre-registration with the hospital.  When I got there, we went through my medications, medical history, etc.  Then the Nurse Practitioner informed me that I was scheduled at the hospital for the wrong date!  WTF!!!  I was freaking out, but it is now all fixed (24 hours later).

So I'm all set to have my lap band removed and RNY gastric bypass performed on 17September 2014.  Fingers crossed all goes as planned!

Yesterday made this all feel so real.