Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just keep swimming

Hi Bloggers!

I try to keep my motivation to blog, but it's really hard.  I hate being a negative nancy, so I want to blog happy things, but life isn't all rainbows and butterflies.  But I'm here anyway, because several weeks ago, a follower contacted me on facebook to tell me I have really inspired her and made a difference in her life.  She isn't someone who ever commented on my blog or anything like that, so you never really know who you're inspiring.

I have been going to Boot Camp religiously, but the scale hasn't moved.  I'm sitting pretty on this plateau, and although it's frustrating, I'm not surprised.  My trainer has changed my eating habits and quite honestly, I'm terrified.  He has me eating 1900 calories a day and keeping my macros at 45% protein, 35% carbs, and 20% fat.  As a weight loss surgery patient, eating 1900 calories a day is SCARY.  I can't help wondering if this is why I haven't seen a change in the scale.  I have an appointment with my weight loss surgeon in a couple of weeks and I intend to have a very serious conversation with him about all of this.  I'm 4 years post-op (2 years post-revision).... is my diet where it should be?  Luckily I've been tracking everything for about 5 weeks so I will have something tangible to show him.

Life outside of the gym is hectic.  I've been super sick for about 2 weeks and it's exhausting.  Custody stuff is coming up next week as well.  If you're the praying type, please pray that the best outcome for Xavier is the result of the upcoming proceedings.  For now, I'll just listen to Nemo and just keep swimming.

With all of the custody stuff coming, I am afraid that breastfeeding may come to an end if I have too much time away from my son.  I did a breastfeeding shoot recently to commemorate those special moments, thought I'd share some with you here.

Love how he's grabbing onto my excess skin in that first photo...


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