Tuesday, November 3, 2015

38.5 Weeks Pregnant

Hi everyone...

Long time no write, I know I know.  So here's the deal... I have been BAD with food.  So BAD.  At my weekly OB checkup 2 weeks ago, I lost 4 pounds in 1 week and my doctor told me not to keep up that trend.  I took his order a bit seriously, and went kinda crazy the following week and found those 4 pounds plus 1.  But, I'm still under pre-pregnancy weight so I shouldn't fret I guess?

I'm feeling pretty miserable.  I'm tired of being pregnant, even though my belly is still quite small considering I'm almost due.  Baby Boy has dropped significantly and there is a lot of pain/pressure in my pelvis.  Bottom line is, I am just ready to have this baby here in my arms.  I'm ready to see Mr. Banker get to hold his son for the first time.  I'm ready to not hurt anymore and not moan and groan when I have to get up off of the couch.

I've had quite a few maternity shoots now.  One of my dear WLS friends introduced me to a cool website called Model Mayhem where professional photographers are looking for models to shoot for their website.  In exchange, you get your photos for free.  I've been truly lucky to get a lot of great shots.  Saturday Mr. Banker and I did a shoot together, and it felt less like work and more like fun with him there with me.  I've only seen 2 photos so far from that shoot, and will post a few of my previous shoot photos as well:

Mr. Banker and Me-38 weeks pregnant

32 Weeks pregnant

34 weeks pregnant
Kenneth McNay photography

32 weeks pregnant
Steven Due photography


  1. You're so gorgeous! I know you're ready for that baby...he'll come when he's ready (which I know is exactly what you DON'T want to hear. lol). Hang in there sweetie!

  2. That's a really shitty thing for your aunt and uncle to do. I know you already know this but I'm going to tell you anyway. You can't worry about these people. They are horrid for doing this to you and you know you were trying to do the right thing. That's all that matters. They can think what they want. Your dad can think what he wants. You have a baby coming that's going to bring you so much joy and that's all that matters right now.
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