Monday, August 17, 2015

Random Update- Life, Pregnancy (Week 27), Weight

Man oh Man!  Almost a month since my last post!  I remember when I couldn't make it a week without posting.  Life has gotten busier and I am guessing it will only continue to do so once Baby Xavier is here.

Mr. Banker and I have been beyond busy.  We are getting the house ready for a new baby and that is a lot of work!  We're also just updating some things in my house that I should've done before and never did.  We put laminate hardwoods upstairs because I couldn't stand the idea of my baby crawling around on carpet (since I have dogs...yuck!) and did tile in the kitchen and bathrooms.  We painted our bedroom and put up curtains in all of the room of the house.  It is looking like a new house!  Mr. Banker's parents are coming to visit for our baby shower, so we are working hard to get everything updated before their visit next month.

Last week I went to Disney World with my cousin and her kids.  It was just a one-day trip but it was my first time at Disney World (you all may remember that I experienced Disney Land for the first time last year).  Here's a photo from our trip:

As you can see, I don't look too far along at all still, and haven't gained any weight.  No one can believe it when I tell them I'm 7 months pregnant!  But I definitely am and in a few short months we will have a sweet baby boy on the scene!

We got to see the 3D image of our baby last week as well, and he looks like Mr. Banker's little clone.  I swear I have never felt such love for anything as I did when I saw my baby, and it even made me love Mr. Banker more deeply, seeing him in my son.  It's the craziest feeling I've ever experienced.  Scary and beautiful all at once.

That's all I really have to report on the life, baby, and weight loss (or really maintenance, rather) front.  At some point after baby Xavier arrives, I would love to have a brachioplasty.  I hate my arms, you can see in the above photo how bad they are.  The skin just hangs.  But I guess it's a consequence that I have to live with from getting to 345 pounds, until I can afford to fix it.


  1. I think your arms look fine! And you look gorgeous. I'm so excited for you. We just bought my 16 year old a car at an auction. Seems like yesterday she was falling asleep in her car seat. Enjoy the time because it all goes by so quickly.

  2. And then you have a baby... and you can't imagine that you could love anything as much as you love that baby boy. It's magical Hollie.

  3. You look so great! Only 2 months to go!!! So exciting! Will Xavier have his own room and if so, is there a theme? I love decorated nurseries! :)

    1. Ah I suppose there are lots of people that like decorating and maybe I'll post some pictures of all the home updates once I finish the nursery next week! There isn't a 'theme' so much as just colors. The colors are orange, blue, and grey. The bedding will be custom made from etsy... I can't wait to get it!