Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Revision Recap

So it's been 10 months now and for some reason, at this time, I feel very compelled to re-tell my revision story.  Why did I do it?  What is it like?  Am I satisfied?  Maybe all this is coming up because the revision rate among the bloggers I began with is INCREDIBLY high.  I have also been asked 5-6 times recently in a facebook support group about my experience, so here I am documenting it all again in one post.

I had lap band surgery on 17September2012.  I had read lots of blogs and forums about the lap band, but I wasn't really prepared for my own personal experience.  I wasn't prepared for all the throwing up.  I mean, it was really a daily thing for me.  If I didn't get sick during the course of a day, that was akin to a miracle.  Then, after about a year, I couldn't get my restriction right with the normal 4-6 week fills.  I was literally getting a fill every 2 weeks in an attempt to maintain the 100 pounds I'd lost.  I spent a lot of time fearing food... was I going to eat too much?  Was it going to make me sick?  Was I going to get that painful 'stuck-in-my chest, can't breathe' feeling?

So I began the revision process and it took 3 appeals to finally get approval.  I was an emotional wreck during that 6 months, but I finally got the approval and I was so happy.  I actually planned to revise to RNY on my doctor's recommendation, but that provided further insurance hurdles and I revised to sleeve to avoid losing my approval.

The surgery itself was quite easy.  Not much pain and I healed so well.  It was definitely easier revising to the sleeve than my initial lap band surgery.

So here we are 10 months later and I'm so happy.  The weight loss hasn't been phenomenal.  I'm about 60 pounds down from what I was at the revision surgery and only 20 pounds from my goal weight.  I'm not going to complain about that considering I'm 6 months pregnant.

The REAL difference though is my quality of life.  I never worry about how the weather will affect my tool.  All of you who are banded know that things like PMS, weather, waking up on the wrong side of the bed, etc. can make that fickle bitch of a band tighten up like you couldn't have imagined.  So no more worrying about that.  I don't fear food.  I never throw up after eating.  It's a whole new world.  The sleeve is everything I THOUGHT the band was going to be.  It's perfect.  There is still a small part of me that wishes I'd gotten the RNY just because weight loss is more rapid and it prevents acid reflux, but overall, I'm so happy.  I wish I'd done the sleeve or RNY initially.  The Lap Band just really wasn't a good option for me.


  1. So glad to hear about your life with the sleeve. I really hope it is all that for me too. Don't worry about the need to lose weight right now, just worry about feeding your little man! So exciting...being a mom is the best thing in the world. You are going to love it. You are going to realize you never knew love until you see that baby smile at you and just love you! It's an amazing journey. I thought about RNY but was worried about the malnutrition aspect, and my doctor was more keen on the sleeve. Did you develop Acid Reflux after the sleeve or did you already have it? I think that is my worst fear with the sleeve.

    1. I had a LITTLE acid reflux with the band, but it's BAD with the sleeve. I tried Nexium but it didn't do the trick. I switched to Protonix, and that is much better. As long as I take my daily protonix, it's bearable.

    2. Hopefully, some of that is pregnancy related also because pregnancy gives you heartburn and such. I also heard that it improves over time, that initially the remaining stomach makes more acid for some reason or other...can't remember. But, hopefully it will improve after you give birth and when you are even further out...

  2. Amazing hard work lady!!! 60 lbs and counting since revision. Awesome!

  3. I just got my revision 20 days ago and it's funny the different experiences. I had a great experience with the band, right up to when it failed. The revision surgery recovery was rougher and more painful for me but I once again have hope. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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  5. No revision for me that the insurance will pay for. If I can do it out of pocket I will, but for now this new doctor is awesome and I am working on making my band work. I hope all is well with you Hollee.