Monday, June 1, 2015

Baby Gender Reveal

If you want to know the gender.... Go here:
And a few photos from the day:
Hopefully Mr. Banker won't mind that I put his photo up here.
He's so happy with the outcome that I don't think he could possibly be upset ha!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day filled with friends and family!  There was so much excitement that I couldn't sleep at all last night.  Today will be a long day!


  1. Love the shoes and the video is priceless. Congratulations!

  2. What a happy day for you! You look amazing by the way!!! Skinny!! I hope you have a very easy pregnancy!!!

  3. Congrats!! Little boys are the best (I have nannied for 3 different male infants in the last 5 years!)

  4. By the way you look incredible and don't even look like you are showing yet! Lucky lady!

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