Monday, February 9, 2015

Weight Loss Update

Hi blog family!

I don't have much exciting news, but wanted to give you all an update.

I'm losing weight at a snail's pace, and it's entirely my fault.  I eat too many things I shouldn't, too often.  Now, it's not like I'm sitting around with candy bars and icecream (holy recipe for dumping batman!), but I go out to eat too often and that needs to quit.

I'm going in for my 6-month revision follow-up today. Yes, it's a month early but it's a combined appointment for my gallbladder removal.

I'm pretty sure I'm sitting around the same place today as I was when I saw my PA 2 months ago.  I tend to bounce between 225-230 depending on the day.  It's still a downward trend so I'm not as worried about it as I probably should be. Considering I started at 344.4 though, 225-230 doesn't FEEL that bad.  And not trying to sound conceited, but I feel like it looks pretty damn good.  I feel confident and sexy and most like 'me' than I have in so long.

I fought SO hard to get my revision though and I should be making the most of it.  I should be busting my ass in the gym every single day.  Ugh.  I need to get on that.
Just me before going out last weekend

Over the weekend I took my nephew to a drive through zoo.
Haven't lost any, but I got those jeans for Christmas and they're looking a tiny bit big.

Got this dress for a fundraiser in March.
I would've never worn this at 344 pounds.  No one would've wanted me to either!


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  2. You look amazing!! I feel like I should be working out now before my revision surgery so it will hopefully become a habit, but alas I haven't started. Your weight loss is amazing and you are such an inspiration.

  3. You look great Hollee! I am glad to see things are working for you!

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